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freespiritedmama is your one stop shop for quality, fair trade, natural & organic supplies for you & your family.

We are a family with young children of whom we wish to provide with the best options & quality of life. We can achieve this through nutrition, supported wellness, & naturally, sustainable products instead of harsh chemicals etc. This was one of the reasons that freespiritedmama was born into fruition.

We have a passion for helping those in need & sourcing quality & sustainable goods for our own extended family & friends, and out of our passion, freespiritedmama was born.

We continually strive & always will, to provide you with products of the utmost quality, sourced from areas all over the globe, from our very own backyard in Australia to Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

As mentioned above we strive to make a difference in the World and your continued support of freespiritedmama enables this. We are currently supporting the Cerebral Palsy Alliance of Australia. Read more here… This is the first of many partnerships & sponsorships that we aim to achieve through freespiritedmama.

cerebral_palsy_alliance About Us

Welcome to the freespiritedmama community.

<3 A place of support & education into a life of conscious living. <3

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